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N80 Prices in Europe(sim free)


High On Life!
hey guys was wondering on the prices of the n80 (black) in a few select cities in europe now, london, paris, and dont know which city in germany i might go to so lets just say Germany.


High On Life!
nevermind guys, im just ganna go get it from a local shop here the price difference isnt that much anymore its around 100 dollars, but on ebay u still have to pay taxes, shipping etc, and europe as well, im just ganna buy it on my credit card and give my old phone to my mom, (she doesnt really need a 1gb memory card though :hmm:

im ganna go tommorrow and buy it, i got the ok from my dad :D


High On Life!
yeah theres a street here called King Fahd Street, most of it is cell phone stores and satellite dishes lol, i just kept walking into stores and asking and walking out they would all give me like 370ish 360ish then one told me a bit cheaper so i was like alright get it, well at first he told me the same as everyone one else then i was leaving and hes like well we have one here thats been used only two days, i told him i dont buy used, i dont like anyone to have used it before me, so he said ok when i was leaving another guy from the shop walked in and he asked him how much they have it for, 2480sr a bit cheaper than everywhere else, and its a new warranty company, but i dont realy care about it, i got a 10 year warranty, 1 year replacement and after that just servicing.

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