N64 and GBA Emulators??



Hey gang where can I get the best emulators from??...ones that will run on XP...also any good ROM sites...thanks


While the floors open where can I get some cool warez and killer appz

:D :D :D

If you get a reply in this thread with a link I'm going to be utterly ashamed :)


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Originally posted by GhaLeoN
is there a PSX emulator? Is it legal?
Again, Yes, if you actually own a console and the game you want to play. The one I would recommend is ePSXe. And there is of course Bleem!, but they went bankrupt or something.

originally posted by stewartbmw2000
and is there a xbox emulator and halo??
No, I don't think so. I once read that your computer's processor must be at least 20 times faster than the processor of the console. For a SNES for example it would be 16 MHz x 20 = 320 MHz for the computer it is emulated on. The XBOX has a speed of 733 MHz, but since it is a modified Pentium III/Celeron, the emulation process isn't that hard, so here you must multiplie it by 10 or so, 733 x 10 = 7,33 GHz.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.


i dled ePSXe .... been waiting to play lunar : eternal blue for a long time now....

So far ive seen some SNES, GB, and NES games in action and they looked pretty good... lots of options in the emu's, and the speed of the games is perfect.

hope the PSX ones perform jsut as well, and hopefully in a bit higher resoultion

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