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N00b Win2k3 IT admin needs guidance!

Hello, this is my first post here on OSNN and I would like to say this is a really great place for Windows help and support! (Thats the reason I joined!)

Anyway, I am working my first IT job as a system administrator at a travel agency with roughly 70 Dell XP workstations. I have zero certs right now and I am looking to improve my IT knowledge everyday. I am becoming ever aware of things like Active Directory, Enhanced Security, Group Policy, WSUS and others.

I have several questions I would really love to get answered but for now I would greatly appreciate any advice you could give me.

Last week I ordered CompTIA A+ and Network+ books and they should be on their way right now. Next, I would like a great Windows 2k3 system administrator book to help get me more familiar with Windows Networking. Any and all suggestions welcome!
A+ and network+ are useless to IT staff you should know all the stuff in them before you get an It job.

I personally think the MS certs are worth less then the paper they are printed on, never mind the money and time invested in them.

Best position to be is in a live system where you have to do everything possible not to break stuff, that way you take more care and pay more attention while learning lots of things very quickly.

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Just blag it.
Read alot of the Sybex books about 3 years ago, but learning more from playing around with live systems these days.


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Could always setup Virtual Environments if you don't have the coconuts to play with live systems either :)
Thanks for the tips guys. I am going to definitely take a closer look at both of those books!

Also, I do know most of what it takes to pass the A+ exam. I have been around computers for a long time, just not business network environments. Network+ is something I still definitely need to study along with MCSA books.

I do acknowledge my situation is a rather odd one but I assure you I am the local admin of my company's travel agency.

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