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n00b who needs help with overclocking and needs raid explained


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are all mobo's that come in computers made by major manufactors locked for ocing?????????? can someone explain raid to me????????????????/
The MB aren't locked, most AMD CPU multipliers are what is locked. All Intel multipliers are locked. You can overclock the FSB or the multiplier. Over clocking the multiplier is easier and safer (no risk of frying add in cards or the MB chipset) which is why the manufacturers lock multipliers. Some MB have features that allow you to over ride some CPU multiplier locks, but not many. Some MB have the ability to adjust the FSB seperately from the RAM, PCI and AGP speeds so the risk of damaged add in cards is removed. Some MB's even allow you to crank up the CPU voltage to get more speed (this is very risky).

RAID is just a way of hooking up multiple Hard Drives to get either faster data transfers, or to have a real time back up, or to do both (requires 4 drives).

PS I'd make a comment about the post being in the least likely forum too, but I messed up a post location really bad yesterday. :nervous:


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on my bios there is no place to change th fsb where do i find this ????????
does connecting some of the pins and or connecting or cutting some of the bridges really unlock a locked cpu???????????
locked barton 3000+


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iceman7311 said:
what does it mean if the multiplyers daont show up in bios at all??
It means you bought a board with a bios that doesn't support overclocking/changing the multipliers which is typical to that of those who have Phoenix or AMIBIOS chips on the boards.

RAID is a way of combining two or three (typically three or more) or more hard drives (usually with similar or identifcal geometry) together to do something according to the application. For example, RAID 0 (most commonly found in home applications) is combining all the hard drives on the raid controller to make them appear as one large disk. The problem with this is that if a drive fails there's no hope of recovering any data since all blocks of data are typically written to a seperate disk. RAID 1, usually found where redundancy is needed, is taking two hard drives and having one mirror the other so in case one drive fails, the data's still on the other unharmed. For more information about RAID and RAID levels, I suggest http://www.acnc.com/04_01_00.html, it's quite a handy resource.
The later Bartons (that includes the 3000) do not support multiplier overclocking. I have not found any technique that works and have tried them all. These Bartons can still be overclocked through the FSB setting. You should be able to adjust the FSB in BIOS on most after market MBs. Note many brand name machines do not allow you to change anything in the bios to protect the manufacturer from warantee claims.

But, since you are running a Barton XP3000 there is not much head room left to increase speed. The best you might see is 5-8%. That isn't worth going through the trouble. The only way for you to get a significant speed increase would be to go for an Athlon 64 MB & CPU.

What MB do you have, we can look up the spec's on it? If it's a brand name machine download sisoft sandra (it's free and can be found at majorgeeks.com) and it will read the MB info.

Is there an application/game you need more speed for or are you just trying to get the most out of your system?
I think all Athlon 64's are multiplier locked but can be overclocked with the FSB.

Your OC'ing problem is the HP MB. Someone did a post recently about the same thing recently. All the usual features are omitted from the Bios by HP to prevent overclocking. There are things you could try if you were willing to risk making the board unusable (trashing it). But with an XP3000 there just isn't enough upside potential to risk it.


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Iceman- I'd highly suggest that you do ALOT of reading about overclocking before even attempting anything. Also, I wouldn't worry too much about a 3000 not being fast enough. Some of us aren't lucky enough to even have that
I strongly advise www.hardocp.com. Their forums are full of Overclockers. I'm a contributing member there. With your OEM board, and AMD XP 3000 you'll not see much of a gain in speed. Your processor at default speeds are at 2.167ghz. If you are able to overclock your processor, you'd only see a gain at most of about 433mhz. That's probably with watercooling. With a nice heatsink and fan you might see 2.4ghz. A small gain of 233mhz. But your board might become unstable.

There's a few variables to overclocking. Namely you need a powerful enough PSU, some decent ram (Although for the Athlon XP Line that's not as big of an issue), Updated bios, a good motherboard, and ALWAYS proper heatsink and fan for cooling. Oh and with the heatsink and fan, I'd suggest Arctic Silver 5 as a good thermal compound.

If you are in no position to purchase replacement components should anything go wrong, then I don't advise overclocking.


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thats the mobo i want how is it working out for u???
is ur cpu unlcocked for ocing????????????
when will ddr3 come out?????
i just installed a sata 120 g maxtor i alreagy had a maxtor ultra dma 160 g how do i change the sata to the boot dirve and the dma drive to a storage drive????????????????????


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What's wrong with your question mark key on your keyboard? You really don't need that many ????????? on every question you ask. May I suggest you use the Search feature on this board for your Sata/Pata drive question, as I have seen this type asked many times before.

As for ShepsCrook mobo, it is for a AMD64 CPU, not for a XP Barton CPU. Your Barton3000 will not fit on it.

DDR3 is a long, long ways still as DDR2 isn't out yet either.



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maybe he has to pee.. could explain the ?????? he needs to get the bathroom... wow. why is that so funny to me. maybe the no sleep thing..

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