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xp m0nk3y
I want to make my own homepage. I would it like to have sections, tables, where it pulls the headlines from various sites and displays them. The active desktop stuff I have seen people using is pretty neat. Would I be able to incorporate that into a personal homepage?

Basically I would like to make a personal homepage, in the webspace provided by my ISP. On it I would like to have the headlines from other websites. When I click these headlines it would open up the corresponding website. It would also have a google search bar and maybe a calendar and a little notepad thing. Oh, and maybe something that checks my email accounts every x hours, and displays the number of new emails. Its been awhile since I have touched HTML, so I am kinda rusty. Anybody have any ideas as to how I can go about doing this stuff?????

The way I learnt was to experiment. To try and explain/tutor/suggest how to design/build a website would be meaningless, there are so many variables (software, styles etc.)
Try finding a site where there are tutorials and ideas, there are many around. Put "web designing" through a google search and see what happens!! ( I got 400 hits)
You'll need more than HTML that's for sure. I suggest a server side scripting language like PHP or ASP. Perl will do as well. The details i don't know about though. :)


The bets way to learn php is to get a book on it, just look one up on amazon, thats how i'm learning

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