Mysterious processor plagues my mind. Can you help?

Ok, so I was looking at the site today, and on the top left of the computers listed there, I see an add for a nice little $300 machine. A machine that is based on a Duron pro 2800+. Now, i'm not an expert or anything close to it, but does this processor even exist? I did a little googling on it and I came up empty except for a thread on another forum about this topic. Unfortunately, they didn't really solve any mysteries about the origins of this mysterious processor for me. I don't think it's a mistake on the part of the store because they have had this machine on several different fliers previously.

Do you think you have what it takes to solve this puzzle? If you do, then get to it, gumshoe.

PS: if this processor does exist and I just wasn't paying attention, please disregard the previous message and carry on in the merriest way you know how.


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It does not exist, Amd does not produce Duron anymore for a while now, as far as I know... I guess this site is trying to make the most of naive people...

Howling Wolf said:
It does not exist, Amd does not produce Duron anymore for a while now, as far as I know... I guess this site is trying to make the most of naive people...


This is what I figured but on this other discussion about i saw while googling, there were some people there talking about a board and duron that were put together heavily modified as a one off for a 'built' system.

I think I'm gonna call the store today and see what they say about it. Just started this thread hoping to avoid long distance phone charges.


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It might be a OC'ed system. Back about a year or less ago there were alot of companies building pc's that were oc'ed and selling them as standard systems. This was really prevelent with the AMD systems since there cpu identifier was so "misleading" to the general consumer. These companies would pay say $800 system with a 1 ghz processor, OC it to say 1.5ghz and sell it as a 1.5 ghz system for $1500. I am just throwing numbers out here as an example.

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its an intergrated motherboard, with CPU held in by a none removable heatsink, the ram is part of the motherboard, with an extra slot. these bits of kit are utter crap. as far as i know its something like a duron 1800 stuck in it. we tried a few at work and got 1 of 4 working out the box.

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