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MySQL Arbitarary string prefix in select statement


Anyone know if I can have mysql 5 arbitrarily prefix a value from a table in a select statement?

I had thought that something like:

SELECT CONCAT('maildir:',pop) AS home FROM users WHERE username = "email@domain.com"
would do the trick but I just get nothing out of mysql.

Pointers in the right direction would be appreciated :D
I too would also expect that to work.

you tried it with the email address in single quotes?

a good way to test it would be to try
SELECT CONCAT('maildir:', pop) AS home FROM users;


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
there's no chance this is in a php script and you have perhaps ommitted \"maildir:\" is there? The only other thing I can think of that pop is returning as null - in which case the whole finction evaluates to null (you never get just "maildir:" returned, but then I can't see why you would want to either...
nah not php, configuration for dovecot imap/pop3 server :)

For the moment I've manually specified a default location for maildir locations, but since that's stored in the database I'd like it to figure it out for itself :p

However I need to prefix "maildir:" to the value in the database so that insted of /usr/local/mail/domain/user_part_of_full_mail_address/Maildir it gets maildir:/usr/local/mail/domain/user_part_of_full_mail_address/Maildir
Well I don't know what I was doing wrong last night but the following works now:

SELECT CONCAT('maildir:',pop) AS mail, uid, gid FROM users WHERE username = %u"
%u gets expanded by dovecot to be the full username as supplied at pop3/imap4 login and is a full email address.

My guess is that I was supposed to use mail and not home. But works now :)

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