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MYIE2 is now Maxthon


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I guess they were tired of being IE's bastard son. Good for them! I'm glad my favorite browser is going in the right direction.


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I have used MyIE2. I still have it on my machine. Loads of great features. Maybe too many features, I haven't made up my mind on that. I will have to take a look again. Thanks for letting us know. :cool:


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I agree with Vern... It was a great browser, with an ugly name. Now it's just a great browser. Good call...
For some reason, "Use Gecko Engine" is a dropdown menu below the "New" button. Maybe it's somewhere else in the settings as well. I'll keep looking.

I really, really like the new options menu. It was a little scattered before, but now it's shaping up to be pretty sharp.

I made custom menus and searches, so now you can type the following into the address bar and get the searches you want. For example, when you type "i cows" in the address bar, you get a google image search for cows, and if you typed "d cows" in the address bar, you'd get a dictionary.com search.

My custom searches are as follows:
d=Dictionary.com search
i=Google Image Search

Just copy my Config folder over the one in your directory.

HOLY CRAP when the popup loaded so I could attach the file, I found a new, awesome feature. Whenever a new window pops up from a site, there is a popup tab in the top that gives you options for popups from the site!! Simply incredible...


Perris Calderon

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gonna give it a go...but is there any way they make it compliant, since ist's still uses ie as the shell?

also, do you notice a differance either way with the geck engine for the good or bad?
ok...I am in Maxthon now and I found where to use Gecko engine...would be nice if it gave confirmation that it was in fact using the gecko engine
I'm with gballard on this one. I have no idea if it's working or not. Maybe in a future release they should put an option to use the Gecko engine globally.

Such nice options, though.


Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
gballard said:
ok...I am in Maxthon now and I found where to use Gecko engine...would be nice if it gave confirmation that it was in fact using the gecko engine
A simple right click on the page tells me right away. My typical IE right click brings down a slew of options whereas with gecko the list gets cut by a third....


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I like the way that you can have sizeable pop-up windows ... but I hate the fact that it isn't floating, tsk tsk.

NetRyder said:
It probably had more to do with the fact that the browser now supports the Gecko engine in addition to the IE back-end.
Gecko support has been in MyIE2 for some time now, albeit in beta version ... but it worked fine. You are right though, that is probably one reason to move to a new name.

Perris Calderon

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I'm assuming this browser is still the security liability of ie.

while I've never had a security issue with the ie browser, and sadly, it is still my favorite, I am no longer comfortable recomending the ie to most users, or users that are lax with security and patches.

I know this browser has a following...are you guys comfortable with the security issues?


Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
If I wasnt I'd use the gecko engine completely. Or I'd disable flash, activex, and the java applet in the download control.


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Unfortunately, if it affects IE, it will affect Maxthon with some exceptions. I remember some time back when IE was affected by malicous code that masked URLs, MyIE2 wasn't affected by it.

I think with some precautions, anyone can be safe with IE. Lets not forget that every security issue that has been in the news are known security issues with available patches that have been released weeks, if not months before. WindowsUpdate is the single biggest precaution anyone can take with IE security risks.

Mozilla and other Mozilla based browsers may be considered secure for now, but as it's user-base grows, it'll become more and more a target for those seeking to exploit holes. It's first exploit has just recently come out. Who will be affected? The uninformed and those who fail to take computer security seriously, but yet forget so much of their work depends on it.

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