Mydoom Virus Author says he is sorry


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Isn't that a joke!!! If he is sorry why did he do it in the first place? I hope they catch the guy and give him what he deserves.

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from the article;

...contains a cryptic message in which the author appears to apologize for the malicious code, security experts said Friday.
The creator of what anti-virus experts say is the fastest spreading virus ever on the Internet signed Mydoom and Mydoom.B with "andy," and left the following message in the latter version: "I'm just doing my job, nothing personal, sorry."

"Our interpretation is that he's apologizing to the general public," Jimmy Kuo, research fellow for anti-virus software maker Network Associates Technology Inc., said. "Our guess is that someone is paying him to write this thing."


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He might not have released it. Maybe he sold it to someone who then released it, which I don’t think is illegal. From what I understand you are aloud to make viruses just never release them.
Grrr... this virus is a piss take... getting 150-200 mails per day in my inbox with 22KB attachments - all as a result of this idiotic virus trying to spread itself. Can't manage to filter them out in an effective way :( - end up having to get rid of them manually.

Is generally a piss take as i pretty much all other, similar, high profile viruses.



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I'm sure the authorities will also be sorry when the catch whoever did this and lock them away for 50 yrs...
its because of this guy my father's (and everyone else's) computer got ****ed up! :mad:

He should be given punishment, like, not being allowed to use a computer for lifetime, seriously, this seems to be the best punishment for hackers/virus makers. :p


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Don't blame the [most likely] kid who wrote it, blame M$ for having gaping wide security holes, and yourself for using an administrator account for day2day use, for not having updated virus definitions, and not having your windows updated. I have never seen a virus, or spyware on any of my PC's in 7 years. I just don't understand how people get them? Did you really think that was a screensaver from with a 100kB .pif attachment?


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I've received a few emails with nasty virus attachments but I've not been dumb enough to try and click on them after I opened one because it said it was from my email provider inregards to my email account. Well when I opened the message I received a nasty little surprise that just wouldn't die. I ended up reformatting my comp in order to get rid of the file (seeing as my antivirus software kept having problems trying to delete the file) and I've learned not to open any messages with any sort of attachment to them unless I'm expecting them from someone.

So ummm yeah don't click the little clicky button of doom or else :eek:

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