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My Xbox LIVE Experience


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Well I bought it yesterday but Unreal Championship was sold out everywhere I went. Finally I found a copy of Unreal at my local EB. The setup was fairly easy. You accept the Terms of Service Agreement, choose where you live, make your gamer tag, put in your credit card details, and your done! The whole process of signing up took me around 5 mins. Then the Xbox told me it successfully created my Gamer Tag.

Then I popped my UC dvd in, watched the into movie, and made my profile in the game. Then I click on 'Play LIVE' and used the Quick Match option. I found a CTF and I decided to join it. There was slight lag in the beginning two seconds but then I did not notice any. At first I thought to myself that UC sucks when compared to Halo, however after about playing for an hour, I was hooked! :D

I also hosted some game on my Xbox and was playing 4 v 4 CTF games most of the day.. I currently rank 240th for CTF :p

So, if you have Xbox LIVE and Unreal Championship, tell me your gamertag and lets get fraggin'!

My Gamer Tag: Omar G


Electronica Addict
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Posted by Octopus
a credit card! what for? you pay to play?????????
is M$ sucking money again buuuuuuuuuuuuf!
You go to your retail sotre and you pay $80 for a year of service and a free headset, which is used for online play. They want a credit card because it is a way for gamers under 18 to have parental consent.

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