My winky is bigger than yours


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Care to debate the fact?

But as a spammer I would like to let you know that this thread is just that, spam, but it is mine. So be afraid, very afraid.


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Plus I have been drinking. And I am now the proud carrier of a Colorado Hunters License. 98% and 9 out of 10 killing shots with a .22 (woo woo) at 20 yards with a poster the same as a 200 open sight shot.


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I don't use tobacco.

And will not use alcohol while using a firearm. I am a excellent shot and drinking kills that.

But for education how about the fact that a .270 hi power will deliver 2,900FPS at 400 yards with 42" of drop average? A 7mm hi power will deliver over 3,400 at the same range and with 38" of drop and can travel over 10 miles at over 10,000 feet of elevation.

I am looking in to a 9mm hi power, not very common for a hunting rifle, but it will deliver a lot of power at long ranges with high accuracy, so no need for ballistic tips. Less meat damage, except I will only take a head or neck shot to avoid all meat damage, and to inflict no pain on the animal.


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Your winky is dinky.

And if you think that your winky is bigger than mine, you should know I don't have a winky.

I have a ding dong. I am the acorn that become the big oak! ;)


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Got no winky.

But I've got a friend with a wild pig that needs killin.

I cannot WAIT. She promised to let me organize the roast ... open pit and all :)

I suppose there will be some alcohol there, but probably no typing-while-drunk:laugh:


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That is deh funneh........

And I shal now be called Onehungwuilo. Midgets with guns, sounds like porno to me.

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