My wife

I never know quite what to say in situations like this.. my condolences to you and all of your family.

Like gonaads, I am in a somewhat similar/different situation with my own mother with degenerative brain issues and several years back, I dealt with having my father-in-law pass away from lung cancer.. and saw the same thing during his last hours with the slowly decreasing of breathing.. so I can certainly understand the pain of watching a loved one pass away slowly.

Again, my condolences to all of you.. take some time away from the net if needed to get your head clear.
Thank you Fitz. I'm not sure yet if an increased distance from the net will become necessary. I feel no conscious need to do so at this time, but if the time comes I will recognize and act on it.
I am very sorry to hear about this :( My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
I'm terribly sorry. My mother had a stroke when I was 19 and never recovered she's been bed ridden ever since, in the beginning they thought she was going to die, truth be told I had no feelings of loss at that stage, I think because she had been sick for so long and had had previous heart attacks, in a way it may have been better if she had.

So I completely sympathize with your situation, just know that wherever she is, she is no longer in pain and is eventually at rest.
Just found the thread, and I am very sorry to hear about this, my thoughts are with you and your family :(
Thank you, Indy. I'm having my good days and my bad hours sometimes. But overall good, if you know what I mean.

Just an update, I wasn't alone in my tragedy, and I don't mean just because she had a grown son and two granddaughters...

Her son's father-in-law passed away less than a week and a half later, and then again less than a week and a half later again our very good family friend's (they really are family) wife's father passed away. Helps temporarily get my mind off my own grief, although certainly not the preferred way.

I'm doing okay though. I've been working some and it's very promising and I even interviewed for another job, which I usually don't do until I *need* to, and that job is even more promising with immediate benefits, but that process could take more than a month.

Thanks again, all. I will be back, someday!
I'm glad to read that things are getting better for you man. :D
Thanks, gonaads! I feel more alive than ever. I've learned so much recently and I'm still learning. For a little more info I didn't put in there before because I wanted to restrain my rambling:

A little more info for anyone who's curious. This whole thing started because I was planning on taking off my ring. On Thursday, the second day talking to L., after we decided to meet on Friday, I brought up the subject of my ring with her.

I reminded her how I got led to the dating service to begin with, and told her that I do want to take it off, but the only reason I hadn't was that it was so tight. I didn't want her to be uncomfortable seeing me with my ring on. She didn't think it would bother her.

Before our date I did ask some advice from the Jewler's where I had bought the rings 12-13 years ago. One guy suggested ice to shrink the ring.

On Sunday, the second time L. and I met, she let me know that although she thought it wouldn't bother her it actually did. No time like the present as far as I'm concerned, so I asked her for a small plastic bowl and some ice from the freezer. I stuck my hand in there for at least five minutes. It hurt so bad I wouldn't have believed it would feel like that.

Finally I took it out; honestly I didn't think I kept it in there long enough. But I had her tug on the ring while I pulled the other direction. She thought she would hurt me some and honestly I did too but I didn't tell her that, and kept encouraging her to pull and it gradually slipped off. She didn't seem to mind at all helping me to get the ring off, and it's what I wanted anyway and it seemed to make her happy.
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God looked around His garden and found an empty space He then looked down up on the earth and saw your tired face He put His arms around you and lifted you to rest God's garden must be beautiful He only takes the best

I wish you all the best, I am very sorry for your loss. This post makes me realise again to live every day at its best and make foto and videorecordings of the one you love as often as possible. You never know when it will be too late....

My thoughts and prayers are with you and the ones you love.
That's strange, it appears your message is gone. Oh well, thank you, hansrijf.

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