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My usual 2 question of the month!!



1. When entering safe mode is there anyway of changing the resolution from 800x600 - I have tried the normal settings but no joy.

I want to do this because when you open windows you have shove them right up to the top of the screen to be able to click the buttons (ok, cancel, apply). :mad:

2. Someone posted this a while back, it was a wee freeware plugin that went into explorer and when you clicked on it it checked your spelling in forms like this . Simple but brilliant. Anyone got a link. Don't think the file was very big at all.

Thanks.... until next time! :rolleyes:


No - you can't change the resolution - safe mode is design to run on 'fail-safe' drivers only - all video cards made have are backward compatible with this mode these modes are limited to 16 colour VGA output - some don't even support 800x600.

There is no work around as you cannot load video drivers up into safe mode (That's the whole idea of safe mode).
beatlesdb is right. the whole idea of safe mode is to use the worst possible drivers to get the job done. just be glad you arent stuck with 640x480


No entireley true....

You can set the resolution in the advanced menu of XP pro but you are stuck witht the default refresh rate.

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