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my ten year aniversary

Perris Calderon

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hard to believe it, I just looked over at my join date and it looks january like was my ten year anniversary here at osnn/xp-erience

we've been here for quite a ride haven't we

when we first started posting most computers were brutally slow and we needed to do everything possible getting performance out of them

now they come lightning fast out of the box and they hardly ever give issues for most people

we've come quite a long way

but to be fair, if someone asked me ten years ago where I thought we would be in computers ten years later I have to be frank, I would have said by now we would have a far better interface, something along the lines of speech recognition but lightning fast and personalzed

right now I can use speech recognition on my android to do just about everything, from launch programs to type however the android is using the cloud and google's hardware to accomplish most of the things it does, I would have thought the pc would be doing a far better job natively by now

anyway, I make a toast;

Here's to old friends and family members by proxy, love you all even though most of us don't come by to visit our home here at the osnn board



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Congrats on ten years here.

Yep its interesting to see how things have changed compared to what we might have thought they would have


The Analog Kid
I'm not sure when I joined but I think it was right around when XP went RTM. the xp-erience days... edit: it says March 2002 but I swear it was before that.

Congrats Perris!


Woah.. I'm still here?
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almost 8 years for me. I can remember visiting the site before actually registering though..

edit: oh, happy anniversary perris!


OSNN Senior Addict
Congratulations on ten years. That's a long time for anything. I'm some eleven months behind you.
Computers (or is it the operating systems) have changed enough that we don't need each other's help in getting the most out of our machines. That's why many of us don't visit here as often any more. I enjoyed those early days here more than now.

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