My stupid problem is back!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by excoelis, May 10, 2002.

  1. excoelis

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    Ok as most of you know I re-formated and burned a couple of CD's and Esy cd creator 5 worked no problems. Now it's not working and here is the error message I get. It stops at 12 %.

    E80041999 Write error- buffer under run occured(06/C5/00
    E80041925 TrackWriter error- Command retry failed-(T7118)

    Now what is going on?
  2. Taurus

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    what kinda burner you got? and have you tried different media? try maybe a higher-quality cd-r disc from pioneer or something...? burners can be picky
  3. excoelis

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    It's a micro-solutions model #192100. I have upgraded the drivers and all software for XP and still no luck. Do you really think it might be the cdr discs. At the rate they are turning into coasters it would probably be 30 or 40 of them out of 50.
  4. pmcartney

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    1) Do nothing while burning with your computer
    2) Make sure you have your power saving settings to "always on" in control panel
    3)Make sure you are using Roxio's 5.1.014 or better version on the web site.
    4) If your XP recording tab is checked, UNcheck it forever OR don't let Direct CD run. One or the other but not both.

  5. stuy_b

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    Also disable any antivirus software while burning CDs and dont do too much else thats gonna take priority away from the CD burning (using resources up).