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My SLI Cooler v2


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interesting setup you got there :p. Those temps are still really high. What is the temp usually like where you live? It might be worth it to buy a few NV 5 silencers
In my room uptop here in summer the Air will get abou twhat we have up above, But in WInter My in room temp drops to a nice -70f when I open my window. :)

which will of course drop the core to 66c.


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I wonder if clearing up teh wires a little will help drop temps due to better air flow?


just realised yer from NVN :cool:

Belated welcome to the boards.
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I gotta agree with Sazar, definitely worth trying to do something with those wires.

Also, the airflow from the case fans is designed to work with the side on and will cool better with the side on. If you can get a side on it, it'll improve air flow. The other thing to bear in mind is if you have to many fans blowing out and not enough in you'll get low pressure in your case which won't cool your components as efficiently.


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i agree; cable management should be your next step. which includes remounting those harddrive as far forward as you can and routing all power drive/card power cabling together and secured down to the other side panel, along the motherboard. easier said than done, i know.. but i would call it necessary.

i'm helping a friend build an sli system and this is what i've decided would be a good setup...

for the top card; Gigabyte 6800GT

a passive heatsink is on the bottom but the real work happens up top via two heatpipes.

for the future bottom card; Leadtek's 6800GT

just a big honkin heatsink. facing down, of course.
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Aren't the SLI setups supposed to be same card type and manufacturer?

BFG 6800GT (card1)
BFG 6800GT (card2)


Gigabyte 6800GT (card1)
Gigabyte 6800GT (card2)



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as long as both cards are "sli certified" by nvidia's standards, it shouldn't matter. they should all be compatible with one another as long as they have the same chipset as far as i understand.

but that's something i'm still researching and if it is indeed true that compatibility can only be achieved with identical cards, then we'll probably pick two of the gigabyte cards.
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i'm using one of the LeadTek 6800GT's. AGP version though. quite the nice card. 58C on idle, probably peaks at around 62-64. 42C ambient temp. Runs just about every game you can think of like a dream. Can't wait to test in Half-Life 2's Lost Coast...... or Garry's Mod v8, whichever comes first.

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