My serial and SP1




so wath you are saying is that these forum's never deal with these isuess he ?

So i've had to be dreaming a few month's ago (i think on the original forum yes the first) that there was a tread asking for the people who have an illigal version of xp and there was a lot of responce so please don't come and tell me that don't handle these illegal issuess ore are we working with exeptions now?



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hopefully that other thread is now gone. Really if you like XP then you should go and buy it. If your in the UK, you can get the Pro version at almost the same price as the Home version, you can get £50 cash back. I know because I did.

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I'm gonna reply cos I can ;)

Basically this whole banning of the corp-key is speculation, if it did occur I think the only thing that you would be banned from is optaining windowsupdates and as "no information is sent to microsoft" I find this very hard to believe.

If you are persistant enough you could generate your own corporate key and thuis solve the problem anyway..

But as is mentioned above we do not accept talk of warez and cracks here, but I hope this clears it up for you, as some people purchase one copy and use the corp version to install a copy on other machines they may have... (to save the need of buying more than one copy which IMHO there is no need for standard personal use).

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