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My run button in missing from the startup..


OSNN Addict
..and when I right click on the start button and use properties->start menu customize->advanced-> x (box)- run command it STILL does not show up:mad:
How do I find the entry in the registry that migt correct this and put my run button back???

or is there another solution??

Thank you


OSNN Addict
Nope, TweakUI was untouched..

but thanks for the quick suggestion, I just went and checked.

(This is a Clean, Fresh install of XP pro Home)

I'm guessing there is a registry key somewhere, but I am not sure what to search for in the registry.
(besides, you need the run key to access regedit:mad: )

For now I have to show the taskManager, which has as one of its options the run command.

Dirk Diggler

Another option is:-
Right-click your Taskbar and choose "Toolbars", "Address" then when the Address bar is on your Taskbar, just type regedit in the box and click "Go".

Just check this area of your Registry:-


There may be some item in here that relates to the missing "Run". If there is just change the Value from either 1 to 0 or vice-versa

Perris Calderon

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do a search for run, include hidden files, you should get 3 instances, anyway, create a shortcut off of an instance, and then drag ir into the start button

Dirk Diggler

Bright and early dealer, do you ever sleep ?

click on the taskbar then to go properties. click on the startmenu tab (i assume you have the new winxp startmenu) either way click Customize. then click advance and look in the scroll down area that you can for "Run Command" put a tick in the box by clicking on it.

Perris Calderon

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lately, only very light sleep...good to see you, any way, you just pulled an allan, how could you possibly know the correct gui method...ha, I know, you'r just pissed their was no registry hack, and you didn't want me the satisfaction of doing that shortcut thing again...funy, the target for the run is unusuall, take a look at it...it's impossible to do anything with it, you have to let windows take controll on that here's the target, with the dots, it's totally unusable


Dirk Diggler

3 d's and an X on one page, spooky.
Anyhow there is a reg tweak, I just can't get to it at the moment, my son's watching a film. He only allows me 2 inches at the bottom of the screen to write my replies.
Selfish child

Perris Calderon

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how do you think of this stuff x

hey, you know I hardly read anything I'm not looking at, so I just noticed at the top of the page, you and the deputy are now moderators...holy fujitsimama...congratulaions friend...I'm going to give myself some of the credit, and think the process started because I nominated the two of you for political office

anyway, to show I can be as sick minded as you

since you rated dd and me, 3d.

we 4 are now an x rated 3d we will tickets, and make a fortune
You're a trip dealer. :D X rated 3D, what a concept.
Yep, Jewelzz and I made it.
I will speak for J and myself when I say thank you for your kindness.
Also thanks to you, Double D and allan for some great tweaks. Many have used them with much success. I don't think you guys are thanked often enough for your generous contributions. :cool:

I will quit hijacking this thread now. ;)

I was able, thanks to your guidance, locate the reg key that controls the "run" showing up on the startmenu, however--
it seems to be controlled by the options/advanced rightclick on the taskbar which I can change-- in other words no matter what I put in 0, or 1 the run just does not show up ??
Makes me wonder what else is screwed up. Everything else on my puter seems to be working fine, and other than the run button missing everything is great.
I do not really want to go through all of that pain in the ass reinstall.
Mabe I will just learn to live with it.

UNLESS anybody has any other suggestions :confused:



Perris Calderon

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I'm tempted to turn my animation back on just to see it...I turned it off to speed my dialup a tad...good news, gonna have some dsl back in 10 days...hey dirk, could you pm me the link to my girlfriend in black hot pants...she's the person that started this whole gif thing, and I want to take her out

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