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my review: jornada 720


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hello everyone,

i'd just thought i'd make a nice little review on my new jornada 720 handheld. i recently brought this item off ebay from singapore for about 380$ US dollars. by the way, i live in australia, not the US. Anyways, it took about a week to get here and i was waiting like crazy, i actually had a countdown on mydesktop of my laptop till the 'maxium' that my seller said it would take, so i finally got it on this monday evening (aussie time) with great surprise. i got it, it was used but it came in the orginal,wore down box. came with cables and everything,after 4 hours of getting it to work i sit here in my bed, on this tiny little thing, with a linksys wireless card. it was very easy to install the driver because i have asked beforehand where i could get the driver. this little thing is amazing, its very very small, it runs windows handheld pc 2000 and very powerful. it has 1 free pc card slot, 1 free compact card reader,a usb port, infrarid (mind my spelling) and a smart card reader. it has a touch screen and a keyboard. im using the pc card slot for my wireless card and my compact reader for a compact card with some mp3's. amazingly this thing doesn't expand like the jornada 680 did when u put a card in it. this thing also has a speaker, mic and a modem. i have yet to find out what more this has. i will post screenshots later, and it's getting late. oh ya, this thing runs IE (special edition for this machine), and has word, excel, access, powerpoint, and all the things that are in outlook (mail, todo, contact, calender) and sync's with outlook on your desktop.

well anyways, its getting late so i will write more later and post some screen shots. hope this review was helpful! :)


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