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my puppy is in the ICU....


Blame me for the RAZR's
tonight has been horrible. i came home and let my best friend riely the black lab out side. about 10 minutes later i walked out and i though he was sleeping. but then i relized that another dog he is freinds with and plays with was crying (wimpering). i try to nudge him up and relize he is completly unresponsive and breathing really hard. he has his eyes open but when i called his name and poked him he didnt even move his eyes. i then freaked out i picked him up and he was completly limp he had no muscle control at all. (he is a 68 pound black lab about 1.4 years old.) He urinated uncontrolably down my leg and contiunued to do so. I carried him down stairs and was fratically trying to find a Vets number. But it being 5 it took me abit to find it. Then he started to have seziures.

After i figured out a vet i bundled him up and put him in the back of my Explorer (thank god for SUV's today.) as im stuck in *ucking houston downtown Rush hour i think my dog is close to death in the back. i finnaly relize that he has the abiloity to support his own head and has it up. I finaly get to the vet rush him in. Once inside they rush him in the back. Aparently once he got inside he had heavy bloody diareaa. They gave him a IV which also bleed heavily. The determinded that a anti coaculate posion must of been ingested somehow. (no rat posion anywhere he could of gotten) So they have me take him to the ICU vet open. They charge me 256 for there job. I once again get stuck in Rush hour traffic on the way there with a dog bleeding. But at this point he is able to half assed stand up and doesnt want to sit in the very back so he trys to jump over and rolles over the seat. (getting bllod everywhere). It then begins to rain white out rain and i have to pull over to put Riely back in the back.

I finaly make it to the ICU vet the rush him in and have run blood tests determining they thing its a intestinal thing not rat posion. I signed a minimal and max treatment form the min is 1100 and the max is 2200. My baby is being given a plasma transfusion as i type and im worried so much.

This puppy is my best friend. i love riley. i will know more in about 5 hours.

Here is the kicker this vet only stays open until 7:30 tomorrow. And then i have to take riley again to the other VEt for day care.. which is seperate fees.... but me and my girl were able to see him right before the blood transfusion started. he is laying down but able to still keep his head up. he looks so sad and out of it. The vet was unable to tell me if he was still going to make it.

here is a pic of him.



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That is a cute dog, I hope he is O.k. I tell you though, I can not belive the price of vets these days. It is getting to where you have to add your pets to your health insurance from where you work at ..


Dabba Dooba
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If anything happend to my dogs I would cry :'(.

Hope everything works out and you better let us know what happends.


Blame me for the RAZR's
i will. the price is redicules. it cost 300 dollars to give him plasma. i think thats more than in a hospital for a person. Im just really worried about him. When it was happening i didnt knwo what too do it was like watching your child struggling for breath and life. One thing i knwo when he is better he is gona be so spoiled but on a special diet hehe.


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check your back yard, for oleander and other poisonous plants. I have to cut my neighbors oleander back.

I had that same problem with my lab, must be something about that breed, won't touch vegetables to save their life, but if you have something green growing in the back...Chew toy!



Blame me for the RAZR's
we just had everything weeded eated not a whole lot of grass back here apartment and all. The vet think it could be chew bones maybe. They really know nothing as of yet.. im really irratated that i have to come get him and take him somwhere else after i gave them 1200. But after i know he is ok and will be fine is when i will bitch about that. right now id sell this computer my ipod and my new razr v3 phone to get him back here well. thank god for parents and relatives, who all love him and are gona help pay for the bills.


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Johnny said:
That is a cute dog, I hope he is O.k. I tell you though, I can not belive the price of vets these days. It is getting to where you have to add your pets to your health insurance from where you work at ..
It is getting high, but like mentioned, dogs are like kids, and its completely worth it.

I'll be thinking of him till we get some good news; we had this happen to one of our goldens, but he was beat up by some other dogs, he couldnt stand on his own for awhile and its just the saidest thing. of course if this happend to a cat....oh darn....


Blame me for the RAZR's
thanks everyone will post as soon as i know anything. I dont care about money now. the dog is like my kid. Just so sad here without him.


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Damn, that sucks. I have a cat and two birds (don't ask). I have had to take one of my birds to the Vet (my c0ckatoo). The big one. And I had an episode with my cat that was not too much fun and had to take him to the Vet. Everything is expensive.

But I have pet insurance for my cat. It helps cover Hospital and Vet emergencies. You should look into that once yer Lab gets better.

Good Luck.


Blame me for the RAZR's
:( just called in aparently his numbers are still out of range and they are giving him a second plasma transfusion. ITs a triage unit and a animal is coding (not mine) they said so i need to call back in 30 to get more details. This really really sucks. will post back more when i get more.


Blame me for the RAZR's
ok great news. riley is going to be ok. his T count is stabalized (to do with clotting). he needs to stay over night one too two more days at another vet (not the ICU) for IV and a possible plasma trasnfusion (still haveing blowouts but not as severe). HE was able to waolk in the door of this vet on aleash and he saw another black lab inside and wanted to play with it lol he has IV ports in his legs so that was a no no hehe. Im so happy though.

Looks as if eveything is going to be about 2500 dollars... but right now i dont care my puppy is gona be ok..

On a lighter note my proffessor let me have a extension on a final today so i can go to sleep now. plus im now on vacation at work so im being paid too lol.. something that will come in handy when the crdit card comes in end of month hehe.


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Good news! :D

I was waiting for good news to come before asking about the car. So how much of a mess is it... and what will it take to get clean? Sorry, but I'm curious. :)


Blame me for the RAZR's
its a explorer luckily i had cardboard down of the carpet for the most part. Most of the blood was on the leather seats and while i was waiting for results i took hydrogen peroxid out and cleaned it up. So thats not gona ber a issue. when i go see riley later i will take pic of him. Thanks all for the support im sure people who dont have a pet in the life dont understand the significants of this other than i just spent alot of money. But when you start treating a dog like your child in ways he basically becomes one. (until you have kids i would imagine hehe)

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