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My Page file is too high yet again.


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I noticed that when i left my computer on, with steam open this morning, when i returned my page dile usage was at like 4 gb which is way too high. I close steam and it settles to 300 mb. Then i play counterstrike and when i finish my page file is back up to 1 gb and climbing, i close steam it goes away, is there anyway to fix this. Note that it just began happening today.
Thanks a lot,


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Sounds like it is caching or something .. You could delete it then do a reboot. That might work ...
The pagefile will bloat up during a game. As textures are pulled from disk and fill RAM the older textures get shoved in cache. Technically it's the way it is supposed to work but there is a trade off between pagefile size and seek efficiency. If the pagefile gets fragmented then it can be worse than having to go to disk for the textures.

You can set a maximum pagefile size in device manager - advanced - performance - settings -advanced - virtual memory change. Whew out of breathe after typing all that.
Select custom size set a min (1.5 times your real RAM) and a max. Then click set.


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Are you tinkering with it yourself? If so, what value did you set it to? I have heard a good rule of thumb is 1.5 times the amount of physical RAM, but I don't ever touch the values myself. I let Windows Manage the values for the most part.
Ah ha, my favorite question in the world!

"Why did my computer start screwing up 1-2 days after the latest M$ patches came out?"

Hmmm, let me see:
-Sun spots?
-Lunar conjunction?
-Act of god?
-The latest M$ update...

PS Max - as big as you want. Just remember that cleaning up the page file slows shutdown. I have mine set at fixed size 1 gig with 1 gig ram. I've changed size and let windows, do it etc. It does not seem to affect performance. Having the pagefile grow and shrink all over the place did aggravate fragmentation of my other files though so went I fixed size.

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