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My new website, need feedback please



w00t, I just finished making my website, I've made others but they sucked. This one i put a lot of work into, I'd like to know what everyone thinks. I did the whole thing alone, all the bg images and whatnot, hehe did some searching/editing for the images on the games and music page. I'm sooo proud, because other then counter-strike, i dont have a whole lot of talent.

lmao gonna need the url...


Which brings up another thing, anyone know better free hosting sites, at least better then liquid2k, something fast, at least 15mb, and NO ADS . I know there are a couple but i couldnt find them. One person referred http://www.virtualave.net/index.gsp but if you want the free hosting theres ads =/


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Gee, I think I like it...I'd know for sure if it wasn't too dark to see. Can't read the text, bub.

I like the overall darkness, actually, it's the extra dark stuff I can't read, the black on grey (Homes, Games, Links, etc, that bar). Not enough contrast there. Otherwise, hmmmm, interesting. Loads fast, fer sher!


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Yes, it's too dark.

As for free hosting? Good luck. You are better off paying like $5.00/month for hosting. When you add in the word "FREE" there are always catches.

Perris Calderon

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spank...not too dark, ...if....I know you're going for an effect, with the idea that if someone comes to your site, they will put a little effort in reading the context, or clicking a link, which will of cource be easier to read...that's what you're going for, and that's a fine idea ...some casual surfers will also be intrigued, and maybe take a more interested look...on the other hand, you do realize that most casual surfers will just zoom by if they do bump into you by mistake.

It's an inovative marketing concept, with a big liability which amy or amy not be worth the price you're paying for it


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good job! as for a free wbehost with no ads, i think www.php50.com should do the job.

You get:

50 Megabytes of Space
Unmetered Data Transfer
FTP access
Single PopUnder Ad
Web Board

and more stuff..




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thnkas for the quick reply, but I did a search on google, and found this site, which has a lot of anit-popup javascript for alot of free web hosts..



haha, thanks for all the replies everyone.. as far as it being too dark, im a gamer and have my gamma jacked up.. not dark at all for me... i guess ill try and make it a little easier to see.

And yes i came from a catholic family... and yes everyone else in my family believes in god, and yes i do think they are all fools. The banner in my sig i found, somone else had it, if i found one about catholics id put it there too, because they are just as bad.



I knew it! lol

Funny.. Seems alot of catholic raised people feel that way..

Maybe it's the constant "You're BAD for touching yourself there" stuff..

The world may never know..



lol, well to tell you the truth, my family is catholic... but dont preach it... aside from my grandma they dont even go to church.... and my immediate family which is just my mom and I, she doesnt believe in any major religion but does believe there is a god... Over the course of my life ive come to realize beliefs such as this is foolish and idiotic.


Well your Satan's little helper. Were do you think Satan came from? He once was in Heaven with God and was cast out for rebelling. So if you believe in Satan Than you have to believe in the person who created him. Can't have one without the other. And don't get into an tiff over what I said either. You have this signature with your post. So you expect to get some christains worked up. Right? O yea a note to the moderators. If you don't want arguements starting like this than I suggest stuff like this should be off limits. Since no one in here can have a conversation on the subject without making someone mad. And people like this who do it on purpose. Besides this is a website for xp users right?
I do not think it should be used to promote religion or to bash it. And that goes for Satan's little helpers too.


here here! i agree. enough with religious views unless you have an immaculately concepted hard disk...

THEN we'll be interested!

btw, not all that keen on the web page....isnt there supposed to be a reason to make a web page? like it does something for you? ie a business idea or something purposeful?

oh well...


Or better yet make a catagory for it. So the people who have pc problems don't have to put up with this. Call it religious topics or something. Maybe someone else can give suggestions on names. Maybe I should poll this in another thread and have people put their comments, So the moderators can see what the xp users of this site would like to see done with the topics and signatures that are posted here. Your probably losing a lot of potential members because of what they see when they come in here. So the line has to be drawn somewhere. The rules are gonna have to be changed. And at this point I would not mind going somewhere else. I see at least 5 other sites now specializing in xp. But they don't look as well done as this one. But if this keeps up why should I come here? Hmmmmmm. You look at the thread starter. Is that help or hate? Is this the kind of stuff you want on this web site?

Those who claimed to be wise became fools.


cool site, wicked. And by the way I am a muslim, I did not say nothing to you about God, because YOU got your opinion and I got MY opinion. As for the rest ( especially freightgod, you should keep your opinion to your self aswell.



It seems that most ppl take for granted that if entire planet was "christian" there would be "Peace"? Lets review ..in WWI and WWII, 100s of millions of Christians died at hands of other Christians. Heck, in the last 500 years, any large conflict was pretty much various "sects" of Christians fighting other Christians", over pretty much anything ranging from teritory to "personal vandetas".. Just recently Serbs (Christian Ortodox) killed 40,000 Croats (Catholics) ...Remove hindus, muslims ,etc ..in end you will still have christians killing christians! I myself lost 33 of my family members to Serbs in East Bosnia ..so much for peacful chrsitianity. And "ikester7579" why dont u go to Afganistan and preach a little ..huh?

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