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My new TV


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I finally got a chance to post the pics of my TV I got for christmas when i posted during the holiday about he big present that was in my living room when i got home after the bar and how it got there.....funny thing its still a mystery...

btw,,Hockey 0wns on this baby...


Now if I can just covince Sky to put a dish up on the chimney so I can get my satellite TV back, then I will prioritise my money towards a HDTV so that I can watch HDTV soon as sky takes it out of test broadcasting.


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* True 1080p 2 Million Pixel Structure 3-Chip LCOS System (1920x1080)
* ATSC/QAM and Digital CABLECARD Capable (Digital Cable Ready)
* 5th Generation D.I.S.T. 1080p(Digital Image Scaling Technology) + GENESSA Picture Processing
* Super Cinema Mode (3 Step Optical Iris System)
* Intelligent Noise Reduction Circuitry
* Block Noise Suppressor
* Mosquito Noise Suppressor
* Component Cross Color Eliminator
* Flicker Free High Resolution Picture
* NEW Digital 5 Point Color Management
* 16:9 Widescreen Aspect Ratio
* 75 MHz Digital Super Detail
* Natural Cinema (3-2 Pulldown)
* Natural Progressive Line Doubling
* Panorama, Cinema, Full and Regular Aspect Modes
* HD EZ Fill (HD Full, Cinema Zoom and HD Panorama)
* Video Noise Reduction
* 5 Video Status Modes - Theater/Dynamic/Game/Standard/TheaterPro D6500K
* Color Temperature High/Low
* Digital Noise Clear Circuitry
* High Contrast Icon Based On Screen Display
* 3D Y/C Comb Filter
* Single NTSC Tuner with Twin Mode, Index and Freeze
* Dual HDMI/HDCP Digital Inputs
* Dual IEEE 1394 (i.Link) Connectivity
* RS-232C
* PC Input (15 pin D-Sub XGA/VGA)
* Smart Input
* 2 HD Component Video Inputs
* 3 S-Video Inputs (1 Side, 2 Rear)
* 4 AV Inputs (1 Side, 3 Rear)
* RF Input
* Front Firing Speakers
* Center Channel Input
* MTS Stereo
* BBE High Definition Audio
* Advanced Hyper Surround Sound+ with Hyper Bass
* Swichable Fixed/Variable Audio Output
* Interactive Plug-in Menu
* XDS ID Display
* XDS Auto Clock Set
* World Clock
* Multi-function Timer
* Sleep Timer
* Input Naming
* Black Level Expansion
* Front Panel Lock
* V-Chip
* EL Based (Electro Luminescence) All Button Illuminated Universal Remote Control
* Hyper Scan High Speed Channel Changer
* Return +
* Width: 52"
* Height: 38 1/8"
* Depth: 17 1/8"
* Weight: 95 lbs.


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falconguard said:
Yes, but have you had it calibrated yet? Or are you still running it with out of the box presets?

yes i have tweaked all of the settings, the defaults were brutal.


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Awesome pickup td. I need a new TV. I'm thinking 25% off (I love those coupons) at Dell is enough to get me to buy one in a few months.

Son Goku

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Nice... Was gonna inquire about the size at first till you posted the specs, as the shot's such a close up one can't compare it to another object... (Hint for anyone who gets a 20" but still wants to impress people :laugh: )

But nice... No wonder some are saying they "hate you" :laugh:


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Nice specs, I will take delivery ASAP. :D

The only thing that bothers me is "Hyper Bass" "Hyper Sound" :lol:

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