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My new toy...


Weekend DJ
Picked up a HD tuner hooked it up to a rooftop antenna and now I am loving the free HD channels.... I also hooked it up to my 40" and the picture is much better than my cable feed.
Here is a couple screen captures.

Yeah, digital has actually got me back watching broadcast broadcast TV again after about 5 years. Never thought that would happen.

On the down side satellite is disappointing on a HD receiver unless I drop the $300 for a new receiver plus $120 a year to get HD signals enabled. I'd get pissed but satellite does cost by the bandwidth and HD takes more. Of course price gouging on the receiver cost is annoying. They shouldn't be charging extra for the service and the equipment.

I can't wait to see if the TV stations get smart and start broadcasting something other than weather on the secondary channels they have available to them with digital.
Get a blu-ray player and your favourite movie on blu-ray and you'll blow your mind again at the jump :)

Blu-ray is painfully sharp on my 50" rear-projection screen :) should be awesome on a decent plasma :)

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