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My New Toy! "possibly the best router ever made"


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I've been reading up on this newer MIMO (multiple input/multiple output) technology, and while it's not guaranteed to be 802.11n compatible, it's very impressive in its current state. The Belkin Wireless Pre-N Router uses the MIMO technology and is advertised as providing "800% greater coverage than standard 802.11g." This claim turns out to be mostly true (performance noted below). Anyway, it's an expensive router for $149.99 but I was able to get it for $85.00 at an Ultimate Electronics that is closing down!

A review

Performance Results

CNET: 8.4/10
The Register: 8/10
PC World 4.5/5

In the meantime, if you're looking for the fastest, longest range 2.4GHz consumer wireless stuff currently on the planet, then Belkin's Pre-N based on Airgo Networks' True MIMO is it. It's real. It works. And it will simply amaze you. - Tom's Networking


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$85 is a very nice price. If you had bought it at it's normal price, I wouldn't resist chucking an egg at you. :p
It's not really worth getting a new router at present time unless you really need one or need to replace a faulty one. Hopefully UWB and the N standard will be out by the end of the year.


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I didn't have a wireless router at all since I've got a desktop, but my fiance has a laptop and we'll need a router once we're married. Since the price was great I figured it was worthwhile. I agree though, buying it for $150 just to buy it would be absurd. :)

I've read that the N standard will probably be sometime mid-to-late 2006.


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Do you guys connect the router directly into an ethernet socket in the wall for the internet or do you need to connect it into an ethernet modem?

$150 can get you a wireless modem router. :) I thought about getting a Pre-N product but decided that I'd better wait til the next standard products are officially released.


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I wish it had a built-in modem, but it doesn't. That's the only thing it lacks.

We do have to go modem-to-router one way or another. If you live in a nicely networked home then you could have a closet with the incoming signal to the modem, the modem to router and then lines going to wall jacks in each room.


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THought about grabbing that, but decided against it, just incase it isn't N compatible in the end. Grabbed the Linksys SRX instead (my roommate works at best buy, so it wasn't that expensive).


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I am avoiding Netgear as if it is the plague. Our wireless AP from Netgear set on WPA with a huge long key which can not be guessed in days, was hacked because apparently it lets anyone use a random WEP key and connect, and then use the connection.

So WPA is on, WEP is open and free for everyone to use. Kind of pissed us off when we got an DMCA notice from our ISP cause Sony was sending them out for a torrent for xXx state of the union.

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