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My New Site


I may actually be insane.
Looking good.
Some things i'd recommend tho
1. Make the email link into a contact page instead, ie give IM contact details or other methods than e-mail (if applicable of course :) )

2. change the main page to the news page, so there's something to read when you first view the site, also make the news like the info page, stay with the same colours.

Other than that, very cool :)


XP-erience Oldie
Cheers Speedy, some good tips, will sort those out when I get some time, I tried to keep the site quite need yet appealing to the eye (or eyes :D )

I kept it quite tidy so the load time is nice 'n' fast :cool:



I may actually be insane.
The design is definatly optimased towards speed, loads nicely on the ol' 56k ;)

The graphics section could be split up tho, instead of loading all the graphics at once you could possibly have a section of your own graphics, and ones that you've made for other people.
Saves having one large load being put on the user then. :)

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