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my new puppy. isn't he cute?

I have a friend who breeds Great Pyrenees on their farm, they have like 10 of them running around. They use them in the farming of their sheep. Most of them are connected to tires so they can't get out of the fence.


The One and Only
heh. nice change of avatar and sig Jewelzz.

and Yep, i know he's gonna get a lot bigger, but he's still cute now. also clumsy. loves to fall down the steps on our front porch a lot. also trips over a lot of stuff.


I Like Cheese
prodj88 said:
hes like a stuffed animal except real awwww. lol rep points for u +++++
LOL when I got my Shepherd I showed my mom a picture of him and she thought that it was a stuffed animal. Over 100lbs later she no longer thinks of him as a stuffed animal :D

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
Yeah, that pup is quite and fluffy enough to snuggle up against in bed... Nice comfy pillow :D Only thing is when he grows older, he might be too big to lie in bed with one...

Scott Thomas said:
True that...I have a 4 month old black lab..and omg he is a pain in the butt, but he is funny and clumsy as hell.
They grow outa this, or at least our black lab did after he left the puppy stage. Funny thing is my brother taught Sheradin to fetch the news paper. So when we didn't get one, he'd fetch the neighbors papers instead... When he was young, he had a real bad habit for chewing things though...

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
I live in the region they originate from, Pyrenees are only 100-150km away, very, very nice and gigantic place/landscapes/mountains ! :)

Very nice puppy you have, you'll have great time keeping it snow-white :p
I didn't know this breed had 2 extra dewclaws on its hind legs... I looked at the standard, they're normal :)


The One and Only
sometimes they do get them on their hind legs. We used to have another pyrenees, but he died quite a few years ago. they're quite the fun dogs to play wit though. more so when they're older since, u know, they don't wanna chew on whatever they can get their jaw around, or can't for that matter.

Puppies really have the life. all they do is eat, sleep, drink, piss, poop, and look cute. :rolleyes:

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
Just come back from a veterinary clinic (my wife's a vet, just received her "licence" today), there was a gigantic black, drooling, Newfoundland and, AND, a no less gigantic St Bernard... omg, these dogs are so amazing !

nb: we have a Colley at the moment, size wise, not the same category ;)

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