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my new job


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After 6 months of searching since graduation, I finally got a full-time job that I started Monday. I'm working for a local company installing A/V equipment for businesses, schools, churches and residences. The company I work for has some really impressive equipment, and some of the jobs entail more than I understand at this point... but I will learn in time. It may not be the area of technology that I got my degree in, but I'm glad that I'm actually working with technology and expanding my horizons.

I knew that A/V and I.T. were integrating more rapidly, but it's been amazing to see much of it first-hand over the past couple of days. The nice thing is that the integration is very impressive and functional in so many ways, but extremely user-friendly at the same time. On the other hand, the installation part is pretty difficult for some things, and for that reason I have a lot to learn.

Unfortunately, I won't be in front of my computer posting here all day long anymore, but I'm certainly not going away either. Just wanted to share my exciting news and maybe even talk about A/V some if anybody's interested... just be warned that I'm no expert yet! :D


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yay...good job Muzi!!!!

U better not leave us cause i will be sad :(. LOL. Well...i would like to know what A/V is and how much r u getting paid and when do u work?


Congrats !!! and Good Luck !!! /me wonders what muzikool will do with all the 'extra' equipment he might come across. :p


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Thanks everyone! :D

I'd love to take some of the stuff home we work with, especially an AMX control system. I haven't asked about employee discounts yet, but I don't want to get ahead of myself since I haven't been paid yet. :p

@Speedy - Go ahead an buy one for yourself, use it for a couple of months, and then I'll buy it from you for a "used" price. :p

@PK - I'm sending it to you of course... what's your address again? ;)

@rik - I'm in Waco. We sure have a lot of Texas people here! :D


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It's home theaters and systems for businesses, schools or churches (speech, projectors and screens, amps and other media equipment). :)

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