MY new Comp is on it's way!!! sort of.......


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14 Nov 2003
I just ordered some new parts to rebuild my curren system. I have a (H)Dell 8200 that i am transplanting into a new case with new componets. here are the pitures of the new componets. The Case is called the Gaurdian Case which comes with a Free 400 watt PSU.
A jetmaster 4 CPU cooler
and a Icberq 4 GPU cooler for my Geforce 3 ti 200
I am using the old mbo and processor for the new comp and my old LCD monitor as well. gran total with shipping was 172.00
the case was 85.00
the jet 4 was 24.99
the iceberq was 14.99
i also purchased some rounded IDE and floppy cables.


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/me gives a medal to Taggert_LOA.

any idea how loud that baby will be?

(me likes to dream of sub 25 db total output machines, even though I know my last build failed miserably there and even still had early heat probs!!!)
Nice, like the look of that cpu heatsink/fan. My cousin bought a lower-spec version, and I remember it being pretty darn big!

Having a quieter fan on a GPU is a nice extra, plus if it dissipates heat better then I can't see anything wrong with it. Wish I could afford things like that.
well my gfx card does not currently have one. i think it generates some heat. so i want to install one to prolong the life of the card. and it'll look good in the new case too.

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