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My new case when it comes...?


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I have always used CoolerMaster chassis for my computers because of their reputation and the fact they use Aluminum Alloy chassis which is a nice cold to touch metal and keeps cold even when on full load.

Well this new case from CoolMaster just has to be one of the best they have created, and is one chassis which will most certianly be added to my list for my Vista computer when I build a new PC next year.

I must say this is awesome and probably one of the best chassis they have ever created. (I think I might have said it twice but, what the heck, it's nice) probably to everybody's taste but, you don't sit their looking at your machine, you look at the monitor don't you...? so it does not matter.

Take a look at the PDF file for full spec and pics.

Full spec on site here

What do you think, I know a lot of you will probably not like the doors, but I personally think it's a great idea.



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i like how the door on the front looks and opens.... but that's about it. the airflow in a case is almost never how they illustrate it by drawing arrows.


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Nice cases indeed, a bit out of my price range though - stupid having to budget for wedding/house/family/future :D

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Take a look at the new Nine Hundred case from Antec. Three 120mm fans (two in the front and one in the back) plus a 200mm fan on the top. All of the fans have speed controls on them so you can adjust to your needs.

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