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my new camera and my kit!!!


F@H - Is it in you?
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decent f-stop...

/me no likie the sony camera's though..

their lenses are not quite as good as konica's and minolta's and olympus's...

but its a ncie little package...

for reference this is what I have my eye set on when I get a camera :D


lovely lens and excellent optical zoom...

3x is not bad though... post a few pics when you get around to taking shots...

btw how many 5.1 MP shots can you store on that mem-card?
yeahi was thinkin of that camera too Sazar b/c it has nice movie mode!! but the image quality isn't better than my camera. and it doesn't do good in low light. but besides that its zoom is awesome


F@H - Is it in you?
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thats pretty good... :)

post a few shots if you can someplace :)

perhaps not @ full res but something within the forum guidelines would be nice...

enjoy the camera...


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Very nice camera; my friend has an older 5mp model, and uses standard memory sticks rather than the pro variants. In real life, it actually looks pretty darn sweet, smaller than my S50 anyway. Hope you have fun with it :)

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