My new Babies!!

Soundstorm, and the NF7-S has more of the kinks worked out of it. the AN7 is new, and I've read about alot of bugs, and roughness around the edges about them.


Boogie Nights...!
Here are my three newest purchases.. new case (only 20quid!!), iPod and Logitech speakers (you should see the size of the woofer!).

EDIT: and the dvd recorder too. Splashing out a bit lately ;)


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just a word of caution; my northbridge fan died since i last posted in this thread. my board's less than a year old. it was a noisy fan anyway and the design of the heatsink is horrible. asus' large passive heatsink is worlds better. so i ordered a zalman ZM-NB47J to replace it. after a couple other mods, i'll be damn near silent.
Does that mobo actually have SATA? i don't see it anywhere. i should take a pic or 2 of the inside of my PC. nothin too pretty though. probably see mostly wires and ribbon cables. bleh. i SO want a SATA drive.
no man, I love my Zen Xtra, it was cheaper, had more storage, and has better sound quality.

It does inteed have SATA, it even comes with a PATA to SATA converter!! the ports are by the big chip with the green NF7-S sticker on it. In fact that big chip is the Silicon Image SATA controller.


but no bricks to play :) and can't store notes on it
.. each to his own though hehe i was gonna get one of those before friend for apple got me the ipod for free and can't beat that

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