My new Babies!!


Ska Daddy
2 Dec 2001
Here are my two newest pieces of Technology!!

Post some pics of yours!!

Abit NF7-S






Creative Jukebox Zen Xtra 30 GB version




I have nothing as flash :p
My newest toys are a Crucial Gizmo Drive (128mb USB pen) and a Nokia 9110.
nice. :)
curious, though--why the NF7-S over the newer AN7? soundstorm is the only reason i can think of.
Soundstorm, and the NF7-S has more of the kinks worked out of it. the AN7 is new, and I've read about alot of bugs, and roughness around the edges about them.
i have a new baby, my camera but i cant really take a picture of my camera, btw its a canon S400
Here are my three newest purchases.. new case (only 20quid!!), iPod and Logitech speakers (you should see the size of the woofer!).

EDIT: and the dvd recorder too. Splashing out a bit lately ;)
I have the same motherboard, i got for christmas. Its a good board, good luck with it.
I love Abit boards - nothing but good luck with them - speedy and stable.
just a word of caution; my northbridge fan died since i last posted in this thread. my board's less than a year old. it was a noisy fan anyway and the design of the heatsink is horrible. asus' large passive heatsink is worlds better. so i ordered a zalman ZM-NB47J to replace it. after a couple other mods, i'll be damn near silent.
If it's less than a year you hsould have contacted Abit, they woulda sent you another one
Goatman said:
If it's less than a year you hsould have contacted Abit, they woulda sent you another one
yeah. but like i said, it didn't serve for good, quiet, reliable cooling. ;)
Does that mobo actually have SATA? i don't see it anywhere. i should take a pic or 2 of the inside of my PC. nothin too pretty though. probably see mostly wires and ribbon cables. bleh. i SO want a SATA drive.
i like the creative but shoulda put up a few more bucks and grabbed an ipod :) its the best thing ever hehe
no man, I love my Zen Xtra, it was cheaper, had more storage, and has better sound quality.

It does inteed have SATA, it even comes with a PATA to SATA converter!! the ports are by the big chip with the green NF7-S sticker on it. In fact that big chip is the Silicon Image SATA controller.
but no bricks to play :) and can't store notes on it
.. each to his own though hehe i was gonna get one of those before friend for apple got me the ipod for free and can't beat that

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