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2 Jun 2002
Goodafternoon everyone

I was just wondering if there was a way that when you click to open your 'Network places', it will automaticly come up with the computers like you would when you click on 'View workgroup computers' instead of having a list of shared folders as the page. Can this be done?

thank you for your help and time

Alex :)
I don't think that you can get your 'Network Places' to show the same thing as 'View workgroup computers'. You can create a shortcut to your workgroup if you don't want to go through the 'Network Places'.

Open up 'Your workgroup computers' window. On the little workgroup icon in the title bar, right click and drag to where you want the shortcut. Now you have a shortcut that will take you directly to your workgroup computers.
thank you for the quick reply the_tazinator
ah. i was just hopin for the computers to show up straight away. i just think piles of folders are messy since they're all from different computers

thanks anyways

Alex :(
YOu can move those folder shorcuts and organize them. You need to goto

C:\Documents and Serrings\YourUSername\Nethood

Create a Folder for each computer and put the appropiate shortcuts in it (you can even change the folder's icon to reflect a compluter.)

The other option is what tazinator said. This would only be one more click to see each computer.
thank you Admiral :).. that sounds like a good idea which i will try later

thank you Admiral and Tazinator :)

Alex :cool:

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