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MY NEC monitor has suddenly gone wacko...

Hey all..

Ihave an NEC Multisync 1700M+ , 17" LCD Monitor.

Had it now for a few years, and always ran it at 1200x1024 @ 60 HZ @ TRUE color. THis is great sizing and has always looked good.

Thing is, last nite, a friend of my sons used that computer to play games online. Nothing was installed etc....

AND somehow, the "look" of the screen has changed. At the righthand side of anything on screen, an icon, a folder, a file or it's name, there is now a light-colored shadow -- sort of an 'echo' of whatever it might be. It is VERY bloody well annoying and I want to get rid of it.

First thing I tried was to go to Display Properties > Settings and I now see that what WAS the maximum size of 1200x1024, is now up at 3000x2400 ????

Oh, if I set the res to 800x600 the display is PERFECT, focused wise - that is the problems go away, but I don't wanna use that size...I wanna use my old 1200x1024 !!!

And I've tried to make changes to any of those settings to get "bacK" my nice clear focused display to no avail. I've downloaded drivers for the monitor and installed same, no help. I've played with everything inlcuding the pretty basic monitor management settings themselves, to no avail.

WHAT in hell happened? Does anyone know WHY this happened and how I can get back my focused display?

Anyone else run into this? Where'd all those NEW resolutions come from and how can I go "back" to the old focused display???

Check they didnt sneak some modded drivers onto your machine with weird screen resolutions. You may find that your prefered 1280x1024 is in the list somewhere. Try the list all modes button on the adapter tab of advanced display settings.

I'm afraid thats all i can suggest as my Dell 2001FP LCD refuses to dao anything higher than 1600x1200 which is just fine by me :D
My NEC did too...

hey..thanks for the quick update here...

andyes, my NEC also did NOT show the 'other' sizes either...but now it does and the checkbox "hide items that can't be displayed" box is grayed out...that is I can no longer check/uncheck it...


Before you do anything do a system restore to before your sons (ex) friend was on the machine.

That will get rid of anything he installed. And it sure sounds like he installed different drivers.

And when you get that fixed come on back and ask us about limiting capabilities with user accounts and passwords. And even better ask us about keystroke loggers. :)

You'll be amazed at what goes on with your computer when you aren't there.
Thanks fellas so much for the help so far....hers' what I want to know now...

"...Try the list all modes button on the adapter tab of advanced display settings..."

Where do I find that list of drivers on C: ? Can I just go in and toss all the new ones? Would that help?

In fact, what software makes that list? The ATI Radeon card install? or the NEC monitor install? So many have been added to that list, that I too am positive that something the lad played ADDED modes to that list and f****ed up my whole display.

DOes anyone know how then to "reset" the modes BACK to the original ones that were installed - the biggest 'size' I was able to go to then was 1280x1024 ???

My box is a w2kPRo box, so I dont have system restore either.... ;-(

Okay, fire and forget method:

Go download latest ATI drivers for your card from http://www.ati.com
Then go grab DriverCleaner -- http://www.drivercleaner.net/dc.htm
Go into your control panel, and remove the ATI display drivers - any and all you can find.
Do not reboot yet, instead run drivercleaner and have it remove all ATI drivers.
when Windows finds the card, cancel the install.
Run your freshly downloaded ATI driver package.

Should be golden from there.

**** If anybody has a better method, put it in here. I've just had the fewest issues reinstalling vid drivers this way ****

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