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My mouse

No moving parts vs. that little ball that likes to pick up crud... a no brainer, go for the optical. My only concern would be USB input devices (mouse and keyboard)... I've seen a lot of folks having problems getting them to work right. If you get one, get one with at least a ps/2 adapter and save yourself some potential headaches.


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Originally posted by catch23
Oh by the way, don't buy a Microsoft mouse...
I'm using the M$ optical mouse but it was free I didn't buy it. A few quirks with it but if you can live with the settings changed every other flippin day, it's not bad :p If and when I need a new mouse it won't be the M$ optical.


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my m$oft Intellimouse Optical, and the Explorer Wireless have been working perfectly since the day i bought them. And i've had the IO for a really long time, at least a year and a half. Every last one of my friends who own a computer, have a M$oft mouse, and they work perfectly. I dont know what you guys find wrong in them.....


My optical mice normally last me about 2 years. When they begin to wear out and start missing clicks I pass them on to poor relatives. BTW, I could never go back. I love the back and forward buttons programed.


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I use an optical mouse now. Just got it about 3 weeks ago. I would have to say it was a great upgrade. I love it. BTW, mine is a logitech.

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What the difference between the MS and LogiTech mice?
I thought Logitech made the MS mice.

I had a problem with the MS drivers goofing up the 3rd button after fast switching users.

I fixed this with the Logitech drivers.
Only problem I had.
That and the cord that got frayed twiced, easily fixed though.


Definitely optical mouse. Get a dual optical if you can afford it, more accurate and you never get that problem where the mouse resets itself to the corner because it forgot where it was.

That said, logitech's drivers are trash. My mouseman dual optical works wonderfully, but if I use logitech's drivers (any version) my scroll wheel goes to hell. If I'm viewing a large page in IE and I try to scroll quickly the bar moves down and then there is some lag as the page drags along. Or if I am in windows explorer viewing all my mp3s as a list, the scroll wheel isn't accurate enough to just shift one column at a time. Uninstall logitech's garbage drivers and use the default MS ones and the scroll wheel works perfectly, very accurate and no lag (by the way I set my scroll to 3 lines in either driver, so that isn't the problem).

So my recommendation is to get a logitech optical mouse, but not if you want all the perks (like assigning buttons beyond 2 and the scroll wheel) that require the logitech drivers ;)


I got a cordless logitech optical, and love it. So it's not the fastest for games, but if you're that hardcore most optical don't tend to react as quick as a ball mouse. Opticals tend to feel alot smoother, and I love having no cord. I take my mouse all over the room with no problems. The mouse drivers are fine for me too.

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