My lan sucks most of the time!


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the lan that i am on is for my whole compound and is supposed to be 2.0mps for all the users. Sometimes it works good and most of the time it is either slow as hell or it doesnt work! is there a program that can optimize my lan connection so i can download faster and browse faster? or if there are any problems it will fix it. like a network fixer, i want to be able to download fast from edonkey as of now its really slow!!!!:mad: Thanks for your help


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edonkey is Peer to Peer, right? Unless you get someone with a really fast line, you will NEVER get full speed off most Peer to Peer service users. You could be downloading off a dialup user (2KB/s), or capped cable/dsl (usually 15KB/s). To get fast speeds off P2P services, you need to find hosts with T1/T3+ to get broadband download speeds. The problem is the upload speed of the user you are downloading off of (its normal), its not a problem on your end.


You mean a lot of people is on the same LAN as you and share the same connection? Tell me, is the LAN built up by hubs or switches? I ask because I have seen similar slowdowns in my student network. If the LAN is built up with hubs, and someone sets their computer to Full Duplex (for instance), this will cause serious slowdowns to the entire network (in same hub segment). Switches don't have this problem.

Or the network is just heavily hogged sometimes. :)


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yeah they are hubs, so how would i speed mine up? i put mine to full duplex like u said what else?:D and i didnt mean only on psp programs JJB6486, my internet speed is also slow and i cant get on msn messenger and things like that:(
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Originally posted by themafia_69
i put mine to full duplex like u said what else?:D
I take it the :D means you are joking? You don't want people knocking on you door with baseball bats do you? ;)

Seriously, all you can do is use Half Duplex and set the speed correctly (10 or 100). The wrong settings can (will) cause problems for you entire segment. If the network is still slow, the chance is that someone else is using Full Duplex (or wrong speed). If you don't know who, there's nothing you can do.


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themafia_69 did you read Zedrics post he said someone switching to full duplex can seriously slow the network speed.
Nah, I'd set it to half. Sometimes the automatic setting can get it wrong (certain card-hub combinations) and set it to full anyway. But you should see a difference between half and full (providing noone else uses full and screws things up).

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