my iPod Mini came in!


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27 Dec 2001
I finally got my Mini after waiting for about a month, but it was worth it! This is the first piece of Apple equipment that I've ever owned (don't hit me Speedy), and I'm very impressed so far. Sorry that the lighting in the picture isn't so great... I also ordered the armband and the iTrip which are both pictured. I also put my cellphone in the pic to give an idea of how small the Mini actually is. I've used the iTrip a couple of times so far, and it is the coolest accessory! It transmits music from the iPod through an FM signal to the radio, which provides a lot of flexibility in cases where there isn't a CD player available, etc. Anyhow, I've got nothing but great things to say about it so far, and the battery-life isn't an issue with this model so there's no need to go into that bit. :D


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You realise that I want to hurt you now, right? The UK doesn't see these little beauties until April! o_0
Totally cool! That thing is tiny! And I see you got the best color too. :D
Congrats, muzikool. Have fun with your new toy :)
haha it is kinda costly..
got the 30gig ipod, gonna get rio karma next.
but that is sexy :) girls will be all over you because of it
bet i can get more girls with my new 240sx then u can with your ipod :)

never let me hear you say something like that again...
Well, first thing is that I already have a serious girlfriend, and she thinks the Mini is the cutest thing in the world (next to me of course)! :p

Second, it's obvious that the price of the player is not completely relative to the disk space, but you are paying for size/convenience/novelty. Size was a big selling point, and in this case, the smaller the better. :eek: :p It's worth it to me and I'm happy!
Brad said:
Go talk to a wall.

MK, I would import one from somewhere, but I'm getting a 40gb model soon :)
they are prett dam niffty i have to say :D
It sure is nice looking!

How do the buttons work though?? Are they under the scroll wheel?
I would be interested in knowing how it works for you. I'm getting ready to get either an iPod or iPod Mini, but I'm not sure about the ease of use of the iPod Mini. Tell me how it goes for you.
Teddy said:
It sure is nice looking!

How do the buttons work though?? Are they under the scroll wheel?
You have to click down to use the buttons, or just glide your finger over it to use the wheel.

But having only just bought my 10gb iPod i wont be changing it just yet...perhaps when "the battery runs out after 18 months". Pah!
Why did you buy 10gb? They've been upgraded to 15gb recently..

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