My Insane HP Story.. corruption.


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9 Dec 2008
Hey guys, I have been a member of for 7 months but I am banned now. The reason for this is pretty messed up and I will explain. It all started when I seen Chris Pirillo announce the give away, I was Ecstatic. All I had to do was write an article for his site. I wrote one, and it was accepted. One of the first on the sites, part 2 was to get the most comments. I was well known on a few other sites so I had everyone on those sites post nice long comments for me and they did. I was winning!

I told my family I was winning, maybe I overreacted but I haven't been happier. I go to sleep and wake up the next day. I see all of my 55 comments have been deleted and my lead is now nothing, and the current first place has 29 comments. I argue with them and ask why, they said someone reported my article as plaguerized, they soon found out it wasn't and then they let me back on but didn't restore my comments. I was pissed but I didn't want to argue just yet.

I got back to it and this time within 2 days I had 80 comments on my blog. During this time someone messaged another moderator that the current first lead which was me but the one who reported the other guy thought it was the one he reported. Anyways so 2nd place was banned. Its extremely apparent someone is sabotaging the contest and it's working.

So here I am winning and then AGAIN my posts are deleted, and I lost everything. They just ignored me, I got so mad and spammed them. They eventually IP banned me from the site. I talked to one of the mods and he was sympathetic. He told me if I sent him nudes of my girlfriend with his name written on her chest he would get me back in. I sent him fake ones and he never let me back on. In the end they found that a lot of people uses proxies or just posted as different people and he asked me how I got so many real comments.

I linked him my site and he said it was too late they already gave it away. So I lost everything due to their error, and I am still Ip banned from their site :(.

So anyways here is what I intended on doing with the prize.

edit: It seems like my Grandma, the main person of my article is getting the early stages of alzheimers or dimensia, it may be to early to tell, so all of you who read this so far thanks for your comments. Its very disheartening seeing he forget such small things, I ordered food for her and when the delivery guy came she though it was one of my Fathers old friends that lives in Florida. She thought she was a smoker and these little things, it's hard to think about. I think it's treatable and we don't even know yet, but maybe shes just being forgetful.

This isn't going to be a save the world story but I hope readers will
still be interested. I will start with how this package will effect me since that's
the least important. Okay, I will attempt to stray away from the sob stories.
Anyways I am 19 years old and I never went to college, I couldn't afford it and
My family moved way too much for it to work out, recently though I have been getting
into classes on line, I'm attempting to become a network administrator but that requires
me to have a working computer, my current one is horrible. It crashes randomly, and I am
constantly asking tech support forums for their help, having a new laptop would just enable
so much. I can not even begin to tell you how much. I have a desk top now and the portable
does not exist, when I heard about these give aways that was the first thing that came to my
mind, then I realized what else I could do if I won the package.

My sister is 22 and she just had her second baby, she is doing very well taking care of
them, but she can not afford anything not absolutely necessary. She has a computer now but it
is horrible, ads that have flash cause he computer to crash, she can not go on a lot of the
sites that she introduced me to, it's not a very fun thing to know. If I win this contest, and
I know I won't :( she without a doubt in my mind deserves a new laptop, on top of that I want
her to bhave the printer, she loves taking pictures of her babies and being able to print them
out would be amazing. I want to be able to give her something but I know I'm not able to.

The touchsmart, which I guess you could say is the most notable piece here; would go to my
Grandma, my grandma is almost 70 years old and everything she watches has a website. She loves
watching animal planet and Hgtv. She has asked me to show her how to use the computer so she
can go online but her eyes aren't the greatest so she can't see the little pointer, and she
has arthritis so using the mouse can be painful at times. As of right now her life is probably
less than what she would want, she eats/sleeps/watches tv. She used to be extremely active.
She is %100 native American and she grew up on a reservation and she dealt with racism and
she worked her entire life, this is something she more than deserves, it would mean everything
to her. Not just as a new item in her life but as a connection to more people than just her
neighbors, she has been wanting to look up one of her brothers who moved to Hawaii a long time
ago and if she had this it would put her on the right track. This is probably the most important
part of the package, I wish you guys knew how much she has been through and how much this would
effect her.

The Hp-mini, would go to my step mom as a Christmas present, she is always on the go and hardly
home but can't afford more than a note-pad. Her and my Dad are trying to start a restaraunt and
catering buisiness and this would help them a lot. They are always writing stuff down and this mini
would be a portable godsend for them.

The mediacenter would be for my Dad, without a doubt. We don't have a lot of computers or anything
but this would be a very nice addition and he would love it. I am aware they're just computers and
it may seem like they wouldn't have sucha large impact, but this package would likely give my
family a nice boost, and hopefully help me finish getting my 'degree', thanks for reading.

- ron
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I am sorry to hear that on other sites you got screwed over, there are still plenty of other sites out there that are part of the competition.

That being said, if you did win, you would not be getting all of the devices that are mentioned in the contest, you would be getting one of them. While you seem to have good intentions you have not read up on the contest here at

Also, while posts like these attempt to invoke public sympathy, you may want to consider posting something more to to the core of OSNN, technical content, so that you may receive reputation in return for quality posts so that you may then go on to win one of the devices in the contest.

Good luck!
or even better something written in a larger font, and a colour thats much easyer on the eyes (aka black) so i may actuly want to read it all.
Wait i shall read this...... i am in search of my magnifying lens.. :)
Oh c'mon. I have 1900 display and I figured the text was too large to I made it smaller.
If someone goes out of their way to post in different colors, I usually, mentally assign it as a teeny bopper post. If it has nothing technical I stop reading.
I know Chris and Ponzi, was at their home a few years back but can't vouch for any of the other staff there I don't think.

The story thing was not something I wanted to do on OSNN as I hate to pick winners from mutliple sources of great content, more so I don't want to hear sad stories as I have had a pretty ****ty year myself.
Wait till I get me violin
Depending on contests to fulfill your dreams is setting yourself up for a lifetime of let-downs. A folding team I'm a member of (besides OSNN, sorry guys) were good about giving away computer parts to members who would fold with them, for the team of course. You may want to look into something like that, as many teams do the same thing. As for laptops, I have a couple sites I check for refurbs and recerts...

These are used laptops from corporations, no OS but with the wide world of Linux who needs Windoze?

This site has refurbs that are a little more expensive but very nice units.

Keep your chin up d00d, I hope the best for you and yours. Keep your butt in school, put your pride in your work and great things will happen for you.

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