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My hijackthis log...


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so some ho wmy ebay account was broken into and about 50 polo shirts where listed.....i ran scans and what nbot offline..here is my log...please help!!!!


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Re: my hijackthis log...think i got rapped

Unfortunately, Ebay accounts are being broken into all the time. You might say it is a different type of identity theft that is becoming a problem for Ebay. Our local news just did a story about this very thing.

I change my password about every two weeks and log into my account once a day to check my account setting.

Ebay has some tips about how to keep your account secure.



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Re: my hijackthis log...think i got rapped

I'm interested about this - but very busy - so I'll tag along on the thread and ask my simple question.... apart from being a problem to Ebay and generally bad news (no doubt scammers and the like are behind this) is it only PERSONALLY a problem for your Ebay usage if you sell there? Or will it affect an Ebay user like me, who only uses it as the last resort to buy something I cannot get anywhere else? Just interested if I need to take any extra steps to secure my account (like logging in regularly!)

Harmless but spyware for ac 97:

Ebay has a bad rep for account hijacking. You need to make every username and account you have secure:
8 digits long MINIMUM
use numbers, letter, case AND punctuation when possile
change passwords MONTHLY

Even my strong usernames are being cracked now by brute forcers. I saw a successul attack on my private email address by a hacker a few weeks back.

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