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my Hacked AimRes.dll

for AIM version 5.2.3277

check out my hacked AimRes.dll

you need AIM closed completely (exit it from the systray)

rename your AimRes.dll -> whatever you'll remember

install mine into the directory.

what happens is this:

1. Welcome Icon is new
2. Icons are blue
3. Menu's are customized, i took out stuff I personally dont use
4. away/return icons are customized
5. Smilies are customized
6. No Ads
7. No "x's buddy list"
8. No "3 quarter lookin things"
9. No Stock info crap on the bottom
10. "customized by nerdBox" is in help menu
11. some other stuff....

the icons are from a guy s2f who never replied to my request to use his icons.. but from what i hear, they're not really his, they're some other guy who lets people use them without crediting him, he doesnt care... on with the show..

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