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Is there anything i can do..or make my graphics on my laptop better.
A bit vague....hmm....better performance maybe...or just better overall :nervous:

Anything to tweak?
Anything to buy?

Its an onboard laptop Intel 950GMA btw :dead::dead::dead:

You can go to the store ask the person there if your video card can be upgraded or you can search on line. If it is Dell you can just go to there page.


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99% of the Laptops really cannot have a video card upgrade - there are a very few laptops that I've heard have microAGP cards that can be swapped out. Generally, your best hope would be a newer driver that helps performance.
What fitz said. I found my laptop runs best on XP Intel drivers that are over 15 months old. The latter versions choke the **** out of it.

You can also get some improvement with what you have:
Disable fancy desktop features like shadows, display while draging. If using vista disable Aero.

If the video uses shared memory adding more main memory may help if you have less than 1.5 gig for XP and less than 2 gig for VISTA.

That is pretty much it for laptop improvement.
Every system I've seen runs better with XP then Vista (know I'm gonna take flack for that). :p
flak flak

My stupid graphics are actually slower in XP than in Vista (confirmed with a benchmark and in real applications). I know it is driver related but there is just not much support for XP drivers for this laptop.

It will depend on if you can get optimum drivers for your hardware or not.

On the other hand with dual boot there is no down side to installing an XP partition to check performance out.

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