My games wont play!!!



Every time I try to play my computer games It starts to open, then the screen goes black and it minimizes. Then when I click it again to open it it does the same thing. Someone PLEASE help me. It is really getting on my nerves because I thought XP was supposed to be great and everything. I would be so thankful if someone could help me out with this problem. thank you
Which games are you having a problem with?

Make sure your video card drivers are up to date, and not just the drivers that come with XP.

Another thing to try is to use the Compatibility Wizard (Start/Programs/Accessories/Program Compatibility Wizard) to start the games.

Write back if you need more help, but let me know which games so I can be more specific.
definitly sounds like a video card problem. you may need to reinstall the drivers and/or get them up to date with XP.
how do you reinstall the drivers? or where do i go to update them?
the games are roller coaster tycoon and command & conquer.

What type of video card do you have? (to check, go to "control panel", open "System", click "Hardware" tab and then "device manager" button. Look under display adapter).

Once you know what graphics card you have, you should be able to simply go to the manufacturer's site to get the drivers. Your card is very likely either an Nvidia or ATI, both of whom can provide you with drivers that are very easy to install, but write back if you need more help.

I am not familiar with the games you mentioned, but one problem might be that if they are older DOS-based applications, then they will not run under XP (no DOS!). In that case you will need to get a "patch" for the games to run under Win32.
arent there drivers here on this site for those video cards? I think I got my updated ATI driver here.
yer right!

Originally posted by bmxjt
arent there drivers here on this site for those video cards? I think I got my updated ATI driver here.

ya on the front page of this site on the left side...

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