My friends messed up PC.


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30 Jan 2004
Not looking for any advice ... just venting. Anyways...

I put this thing together just over 2 years ago. It's never worked properly. First the PSU failed, then there was a bad hard drive. After installing the new HDD and reinstalling windows he was unable to use it since he didn't have the driver disk anymore and couldn't get online to download them.
Now he brings it to me and says there is no sound and it tells him one of his video cards has been disabled.

The video problem is ... wow... it's something else. He has two 6600 GT's in SLI. The main card's fan isn't there. It's barely hanging on by its power cable. I pull that card out and try to reset the fan, that won't work. It won't even spin in my hand. The plastic casing that the fan spins on is cracked open. I don't know if there were bearings in there or what but it's gone now. I take out the 2nd card and try to put that in place of the primary. That card's fan is off a little to, I level it but it won't spin either.

I boot the pc, it loads so that is a good thing, but I notice the CPU fan isn't spinning either! I give it a little spin with my finger and it takes off (like an old airplane propeller) but it isn't spinning very fast. The system seems stable even with the cpu fan barely working and the video card fan not working at all. Still, I can't imagine it will work very long in that state. So I shut it down and call him. Then I type up this laundry list of problems for your reading enjoyment. What a day!
I think it was Shamus who said it well a couple days ago.

"The first thing to look at is what the user did to the system."

Vent on, it beats showing up with an assualt rifle.
I normally blame the user for everything. But this guy knows enough to not open his case. I think he just kinda got screwed on the hardware. He shouldn't have used the PSU that came with the case, they are usually crap anyway. Now he has an Antec and it works wonderfully. I've never had a problem with OEM hdd's but he did. His vid cards were retail, but maybe he shouldn't have gone with MSI, I guess BFG or something would have been better. I don't know, I'm gonna tell him to get a 7900 or something since that is better than 2 6600's anyways.
i hate msi, they are nothing but trouble.
On general principles he should return the MSI 6600 cards. Heatsinks are not supposed to fall off.

PS Thanks for reminding me about my dislike of MSI. It had been long enough I was considering buying their product again. Same issue for me in the past, poor workmanship leading to failures. Usually with heatsinks...
I can loan you my AK47 if needed ...

or just vent a little more
i got so many mobos that either died straight away or simply didn't work, that i never use there stuff anymore, i don't even look at there stuff online.... now gigabyte, thats a good company well priced and never ever had a dodgy product.

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