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My Friend Found a Glitch In XP!!!


High On Life!
Hey guys my friend Tristan (polarbear_ak) found a weird ass bug in windows xp i tried it and got the same results so i bet all of you will to, we should submit this to microsoft.

Make a new folder anywhere you want, then Try renaming the folder to "Con" (i even tried lowercase still) without the quotes and it will change back to what it was previously.

Strange huh? :smoker:


In the beginning......
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ming said:
What has XP got to do with DOS1.0 though? I thought they said that they got rid of all the DOS related crap when they released XP. :dead:
Probably low level HD calls.


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The idea behind it is

aux, nul, prn, also not allowed
con, aux and prn stand for 'console', 'auxiliary' and 'printer' and stand for output devices.

Leftovers from DOS where you could do 'copy con a.txt' and get whatever you typed in a textfile.
Or 'copy a.txt prn' to send it to the first printer (if installed).

Actually, those still work (at least con does) from a Windows command prompt to this day.

I though my computer was freaking out because I was trying to name it con and it was unable to so I was like WTF.... :)

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