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My finished Pc will mods! Yea!


The Voices Talk to Me
Well I finshed all my mods, well for right now anyway. But wow, that was allot of work. It might have been easy if I had a Aluminum case, but no I found out hat I have a steel case! But none the less I triumphed! Some things didn't turn out as nice as I wanted them too, but all in all I think it looks great and it was fun, and I did it all myself! Well with a little help from Dremel...lol

So here is the photos and the current system list (in my sig) of the completed project, sorry about the crappy pics, but I think my camera has seen better days.


The Voices Talk to Me
Originally posted by jkipk
glad to hear you're having fun, Mav. BTW did you install fire protection for your new Antec? Foam? Sprinkler?

LMAO....... Actually I thinkin about a halon system for that....LOL:D

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