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My Favorite Tweaks Thread

This has been one of the most useful threads on the forums. Members have contributed immensely to the thread. Ramanuman and dealer have done a wonderful job by compiling all the useful posts into a single document.

In my opinion, it is time to close that thread and post a link to "My Favorite Tweaks 2", a new thread, as the last post on that one.
Reason: It takes a huge amount of time for new members to go through the entire thread. A new thread would make it a lot more convenient when someone wants to find something quickly.

What do all of you think? What's your opinion dealer?


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I agree that it takes just about anybody what seems to be forever to go through that thread so I say thats its a good idea to make a new one and have a link in the old one to the new one.

Electronic Punk

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I was a different person back then :s

This is an important thread tho, rename the old one "Old Tweaks" then called the new one "Favourite Tweaks" etc.


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Yep I think there should be a new one.. although I remeber dealer sayaing that he would wait till it hit a 1000 posts. But the final decision is up to dealer.

Perris Calderon

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ok...I'm going to close it down at 1000 psots...


we all need to consider this;

that thread gets about 1000 hits a day...

it's a big attraction...tweaks 2 will definately not get that kind of action till it's also big...something to concider.

no, if ep is able to create a hack I set the ground work for, where a search will bring up the actual post panel...then the thread can go forward...otherwise, it probably has to close.

I'm going to leave the decision to ep and waddy.

we will be losing alot of action when we do close the thread.

we'll decide soon enough, as we will be at 1000 posts very soon


OSNN Godlike Veteran
Regardless if the thread is closed or open, people can still view it. Just keep it stickied and will always be at the top of Tips & Tweaks.
1000 hits is views not posts :) People will still view it.

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