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my dad's laptop fried...does the cpu look fried?


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my dad's laptop died...he plugged it into the normal power and smoke started coming out of the little ac adapter plug. it hasnt worked since...i dismantled the laptop and found the motherboard is burnt in one little little area. anyways, i noticed that the cpu looks...strange. im pretty sure its not supposed to look that way, so here's a pic...

what do you guys think?




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You say smoke was seen coming out of the AC adapter... could that be a sign that only the AC adapter has blown, and not the laptop itself? Have you tried replacing the AC adapter first?
I would agree with ming. Given the picture above (not the best quality by the way) the processor looks fine. I'm assuming that since this is a P3, it is already out of warenty?


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yeah, its been out of warranty for a while, cuz its really old.
the smoke, wasnt coming out of the ac adapter itself, it was coming out of the place on the laptop where the ac adapter is connected. i know the motherboard's fried, cuz i opened it up and looked at it and theres a small burn on the bottom of it (coincidentally, close to the ac adapter connector)


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did you try cleaning the processor up a bit? looks almost like old ceramic paste on there - although it is hard to see in that pic, I am sure you have seen processors before and there must be plenty of pics (look at manuals for applying heatsinks) on the net to compare - should be kinda like bare smooth metallic with a purplish sheen to it....

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