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My D820's mouse wanders.. hardware sensor issue.

I use the stick on the keyboard and after a few months of use the thing wanders just like my old Inspiron 8500 did. The i8500 got so bad I couldn't even use any mouse, I had to disable the stick completely which disappointed me greatly.

My D820 is doing it now every once in a while and its hard to shake it out of it. Pressing hard the opposite direction of the wander doesnt really do much..



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This is a very weird error. I have used pointing sticks on various latitudes for over a year, never had an issue. Consider contacting tech support and see if they can figure out whats up. Does anyone else have a similar experience with the pointing sticks?


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I agree, although I have had similar issues with D610's lately, and the troubleshooting is limited over the phone because they have you re-install XP to eliminate it being a software issue.

Valid step really, just wish they would give people the benefit of the doubt.


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my insprion 2650 has been doing it on the touch pad. reinstall did not help. the ones with the touch pad and the little finger thing they suggest disabling the finger one on the keyboard. I am about to tear my laptop apart to try to eliminate a hardware issue it could be.


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I have a really old Toshiba Portege and it wanders as well, pushing really hard in the opposite direction stops it for a bit but after that it starts again. I have gone through the extra step to just disable the onboard mouse and only allow an attached USB mouse to work.


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I am thinking about purchasing the same model - any news on this issue?

Also can you give me any indication of the battery life you are achieving (assuming you maybe have the 85 WHr battery option) - I am interested in if I can play a couple of DVDs on battery?
The wandering "pointer stick problem" is with multiple brand laptops. I came across some threads on it.

The recommendation was to cut the wires to the pointing device, under the keyboard. That of course voids any warantees.
you can disable the pointing stick by software. I WANT to retain it. Its my primary method of mousing.

as for the battery life, Mainframe Guy, I get about 2.5 hours with full brightness and media usage. I have a normal 6 cell battery. It's decent. But I dont know how they got 5 hours of battery life on the reviews on CNET... maybe they had the better battery.

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