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My Custom direct die cooler for sale!!

Mr Dead

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Have to sell my custom direct die cooler due to a lack to space. It has a new brand new Aspera compressor, the system is charged with R22. On my current setup Amd A64, at idle it goes off the scale at -40C and during 100% load never drops below -35.5C. New mounting plates can easily be fitted to mount to any setup.


im in Swansea in the Uk if anyone is close by and interested. Can be seen working.

more pics -



The One and Only
right, and we care about this why? wouldn't THAT be the most reliable thing in the world. ice forming on the mounting brackets due to being at -40C. *lightning flash* woops, power's out. power stays out for a while (maybe 3-4 hours), turn your PC back on *flash*, that time not from lightning, but an electrical arc between traces and stuff on the motherboard due to the ice melting while the power was out. yep, someone's REALLY gonna jump to buy that. and who would want their case to be wide open like that with a huge box out to the side of it?


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I think we need an ammended policy wrt people linking ebay trading material to the site... ie no ebay links n stuff... :cool:

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