my crash...


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hey thanks to henyman!! :)...i will be putting my crash on my isp's server for u all to view the crash. ITs gonna take awhile since i have dial up and its 11.5mb to upload so yeah. I will post later when its done.


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i got it uploading usin cutexp...i found out that i kept putting the end part of my email address for my username. LOL...while reedit when it uploads


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go kart crash...but i cant upload for somereason. It uploaded but it never went onto the server. Once it completed the first time u did it again and when i stopped it whatever it had the second time went onto the server


the site...the crash isnt uploaded yet but will be tonight for sure.

ummm...i also looked and i dont think i can put it on the server now. cause it says i have 9,850,929 bytes left. So that should be around 9-10mb right?


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ok...i got half of the video uploaded...if u want u can download it and see if u can watch the jump and crash part. Everything after the crash is pretty much people gettin up and askin me if i am ok and stuff. hair was cut into a bowlcut when i was sleeping like a month before this happend so u might notice my hair might be a lil gay.

I aint finished uploading it yet so u can wait if u want...if it asks for a password its seedznuts


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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok...well if i go over the limit of space on the server for me they delete the file. So now nothin is there. I gotta redo it someother time

hey admins...u think u all could host my video for a few days or somethin? Or can someone help me find a site with a free server space and all that.


Blame me for the RAZR's
tittle sent me the video lst night...
2.. no helmet.. you are lucky to be alive.
3. and why the hell dint you lean back......

once again.. man you are so lucky you dint break yor neck.. i mean you flipped the go cart completley with you under it... lol. sadly yu might of made it if you would of just leaned backlol...


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yeah...i know everybody said that. I didnt go to school the next day and the dude that taped it showed everybody and then it got put on the computers all over the school. Everybody was like its the go katr kid.

Also...about the hair thing Evil Marge they cut most of it into a bowl so i told them to fix it and then they made it really bad so yeah. Someone pm me or IM me on aim (hellmaker069) and i will send it too u. I sent it to sraycoz threw aim and it sent fine.


Your parents taken out funeral insurance on you yet 'Tittle'?

I will give you some advice and start off by paying the first premium.

You're too young to audition for 'Jackass' and they already have their own 'Party Boy'.


Dabba Dooba
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#18 who is gonna host it for a few days? Only way i can send it is Msn Messenger or AIM. I would have to do it at night cause my mom might have to use the phone when i transfer it too u.

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